or her body a person keeps the smartphone, it's likely that t Nov 8, 2012 Key words: physical activity, physical inactivity, exercise, walking, Yamax DIGI Sport Instruments SW-200 for 7 d SW-200/KeepWalking. Apr 18, 2010 Also, I think you start and end walking sequences with that foot. The Yamax SW -200 pedometer has been used in the step studies where they  Oct 7, 2007 Yamax Digi-walker DW-200 pedometer in the same study; evidence showed that the best Typically, the distance recommended for keeping good shape is Walking speed, height, age, gender, and /or walker SW 200. Dec 30, 2012 relative'to'the'Yamax'SW<200'pedometer. steps' for' Yamax' at' walking' speeds' of' 2' km⋅h<1' (p' <' continue'to'have'broad' Counts the number of steps taken walking or jogging up For the best results keep it in line with your knee and/or the Yamax Digi-Walker SW200 Instructions .

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Expert de opinie - Yamax Digi-Walker SW-200 pedometru . Dacă doriți să vă măriți pașii de mers pe jos în fiecare zi, acest pedometru de bază vă va ajuta să vă mențineți în mișcare. Are o singură funcție - contează pașii și doar apăsați pe butonul de resetare când doriți să-l resetați la zero. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Yamax Digiwalker SW-200 at Amazon.com.

2012-06-06 · The Yamax SW-200 pedometer is a basic step counter that is reliabel and accurate. The protective cover will help with accidental resets.

Yamax keep walking sw 200

I had very satisfactory service with Amazon in returning the CW-200 and receiving a full refund, and ordering and receiving an SW-200. I wore them both for a day before sending the CW-200 … Yamax Digi-Walker SW-200 Pedometer Review. If you want to increase your walking steps each day, this basic pedometer will help keep you moving. It has a single function: it counts steps. You just hit the reset button when you want to reset it to zero.

I have ordered the SW-200 twice, and in both cases have gotten the SW-701 (with SW-200 instructions in the package), which is not as accurate a pedometer as the SW-200. From my trials, the 701 is under counting by 10%. The older SW-200 under counted by 3-5%. Yamax SW-200 Digi-Walker Pedometer The SW-200 is a barebones pedometer.
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SW800-SW801 Digi-Walker. CW200 Digi-walker. CW600 Digi-walker. YAMAX is a export division of Pedometer developer and our brand DIGI-WALKER is well known as No. 1 quality and reliable brand same as MANPO-KEI in Japan by YAMASA TOKEI KEIKI CO., LTD. Yamax Digiwalker Pedometers have been tested time and time again to be proven accurate and reliable. If you want a no-fuss, highly accurate pedometer to track your daily walking steps, The SW200 is the best-selling Step Only Pedometer.

MAIN APP CATIONS The Yamax Digi-Walker SW-200 is a step-only pedometer made of Japanese design with a protective cover. It is 98 to 99 percent accurate and can be used while walking, jogging, running or hiking. You clip it to your belt or waistband to measure the number of steps taken. The Yamax Digiwalker SW 200 ($25) is a Japanese pedometer that comes highly rated in every comparison we read and reviews are only positive on this solidly made product.
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The older SW-200 under counted by 3-5%. 1-16 of 104 results for "yamax digi-walker sw-200" Skip to main search results iGANK Simple Walking Pedometer Step Counter for Men Women Kids. 3.9 out of 5 stars Buyer beware. If you order the SW-200, you are most likely going to get the SW-701. I have ordered the SW-200 twice, and in both cases have gotten the SW-701 (with SW-200 instructions in the package), which is not as accurate a pedometer as the SW-200.